University Of Tennessee - Chattanooga Fall Finale Combine

October 26, 2023
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November 11th will be one of your last chances to get seen this year at a Combine. It will feature a 40 Yard Dash, OF Throwing Velo, IF Throwing Velo, C Pop Time and Throwing Velo, Pitchers Bullpen and Live Game After. So come ready to put on your best performance. 

It will be YOUR chance to shine and show us your skills. Everyone in attendance will have their own Player Profile and they also will be one of the first athletes to get an official ESR GRADE 1 - 10. We will have more on the ESR Grades and what they mean as we get closer to the event as we look forward to seeing everyone on the 11th.

You can sign up under Combines on our website if you haven't signed up already. 

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